Missoni Tissues

Missoni fabrics for sofas, one of the many possibilities that BM Style offers to cover sofas and armchairs in an original way. The collections in Missoni fabric are really unique pieces that stand out for elegance and originality.

BM Style, in partnership with the prestigious fashion house, has used Missoni fabrics for sofas with a unique and success style. The collection also includes armchairs in Missoni fabric; BM Style paddings get dressed with this unmistakable fashion brand original textures, from classic geometric lines to “greeks”, waves, up to the latest floral patterns. Also cushions that comes with sofas and armchairs become true works of art, with color explosions that never leave indifferent, noting each time the craft and tailoring quality that characterizes all BM Style products shapes.

The Missoni fabrics for sofas and chairs gave BM Style the opportunity to create a customized
collection with an artisan touch, which is characterized by lively colors and tissues brightness. The collections in Missoni fabric stand out for their elegance and originality and, thanks to the variety of fabrics, allow to always find the perfect solution for each environment.